Food Allergy

The only food I was ever allergic to was oranges. I love oranges, tangerines and lemons. But I would end up with a nasty looking rash if any of the juice or rind touched my skin.

I was out to dinner one night with friends when I noticed one of the women was getting a rash around her mouth. The dinner she ordered had come with a wedge of orange and she had just eaten it.

I asked if she knew if she was allergic to the orange juice or peel and she said yes, but she loved them so much she ate them anyway.

I offered to do the NESTing process with her and she agreed. When I checked in with her subconscious, the allergy tested at a 6. That isn’t serious, but annoying for sure.

It took about 20 minutes to get the results down to zero. The process was more simple than she expected since she had done quite a few detox sessions and other processes.

Results: Although the rash did not disappear right away, it was gone the next morning when she said it typically would last a couple of days. The next time she had an orange, there was no reaction to it at all.