Emotional Dysfunction is as age-old of a problem as any ever was. Unfortunately it is one of the traits passed down from generation to generation. It seems as though it has only been since the advent of Hypnotherapy in the mid 1700’s by Mesmer.

Mesmer’s form of hypnosis or “mesmerism” used a metal rod that touched the subject while he told them they would go into “crisis” and then come out healed.

Mesmer discovered that various forms of suggestion induced a condition resembling sleep in certain types of patients.

While in this “sleep” state, suggestions could be given to lessen and even get rid of their complaints and symptoms.

Although Mesmer successfully treated large numbers of patients on whom traditional medical procedures had failed, he fell into disrepute because of the mysticism surrounding “mesmerism”.

The first time I used Hypnotherapy was to rid myself of a sore throat I had experienced for more than 10 years. I had been a smoker for 15 years and the last year I smoked, I had to put a cough drop in the back of my throat just to continue smoking! I knew it wasn’t very clever of me, but unless you’ve been a smoker,you wouldn’t understand.

Then I met a Hypnotherapist at a business meeting early in 1991 and was curious to see if the therapy would work. I had heard quite a big about it and was anxious to get through a winter without having to have my throat cauterized.

After three sessions it was only intermittently relieved and the Hypnotherapist decided I should go to the school where he studied and have the instructor work with me as a class project. That took a lot of nerve for me to go through with it, but with high hopes, I decided I’d give it a try.

We spent about two hours, since it was a teaching session and after we were finished we talked another hour about what had happened. Fortunately the session was recorded.

When and if I ever get another sore throat, it is due to a cold or virus. But the dreadful throat I had put up with for 12 years was gone.