Emotional Challenges

That was before I was exposed to any emotional transferrence work. It was amazing, thinking back to that time and realizing how hard I had to address each of the idiosynchracies when now, it takes less than an hour to change and even remove emotional trauma.

The process is called NESTing, Neuro Emotional antiSaborage Technique. It is effective with all people from every background and every situation. In fact, they don’t even have to be aware or want to change. The process isolates the incident that has the most drastic or impactful effect.

Often they recipient doesn’t even need to want to change their behavior to have the behavior or event surface and make it a prominent occurance that needs to be addressed.

Over the years, I have had to overcome an abandonment issue even though my parents were always together. When I was nearly four, my mother was pregnant with my brother when she was 42 years old. She was also Rh-negative and when they went into delivery, they had to do a Cesarean Section, they accidently punctured the colon and the ether gas exploded and burnt her face.

My  mother ended up in the hospital for 30 days recovering from all the mishaps. I spent 30 days with the closest neighbors who only spoke German, lived on a chicken and cattle ranch. After a month with them, I refused to speak to anyone. When my father picked me up and tried to impress me with a glazed donut, I wanted nothing to do with it, I only wanted a “b’loneya sanwitch”.

It was the beginning of many dysfunctions I experienced and exercised throughout my childhood. No one quite knew what to do with me and it was obvious they didn’t want to try.


I had joined the chamber of commerce and decided to attend the leads group to promote my travel business. There were about 30 people in the group and one of them was a chiropractor. To be supportive, I made an appointment and visited him since I had had great experiences with chiropractors since I had injured my back in 1984.

But this was no ordinary chiropractor!

I did the regular exam, but then spent a great deal of time talking to me about my history. Especially my emotional reactions when I was a child.

He asked about about my parents specifically and when I mentioned the difficult upbringing I had been subjected to, he began to do a process I had never even heard of.

Neuro Emotional Anti Sabotage Technique is what he called it. It was created by a chiropractor in Denver and had been acclaimed to not only eliminate the typical aches and pains, but the negative emotions that might have been the instigator as well.

An example was my allergy to dogs and cats. If I was in the same room as anyone’s pet, my nose would get stuffy, then I would feel like I had ingested pet hair into my lungs, then my eyes would water and itch and the next thing I knew I was on my way to the hospital to gulp air from a Bird Breathing apparatus.

It turned out the first instance of being allergic to animals was caused when a neighbor’s dog jumped down from the second story porch onto my back and bit my neck when I was 9.

The next time I had an appointment with the chiropractor he brought his Golden Retriever to the office and after I petted her and was in the office for more than an hour, I had no allergic reaction whatsoever!