But they did repeat their parent’s abusive behavior and more than likely, increased the level of abuse and the types of abuses. Granted, this was in the 50s and 60s and at a time before Dr. Benjamin Spock’s theories on baby and child care was well known or practiced. Now, his books are in their eighth and ninth editions and have led many parents towards much more enlightened parenting habits.

However, I grow up with many idiosyncracies. I stuttered from the time I was seven until my teacher, Mrs. Lemos kept me after school every day and had me read from Shakespeare while holding my tongue when I was 15. By the end of my sophomore year, I no longer stuttered unless I was tired.


Absolutely any negative outburst is a form of abuse. Whether you are yelling or physically assaulting someone. Children have not developed the ability to understand the difference between discipline and abuse.

Children are extremely sensitive to the infliction of tone, abruptness and any perceived threat. Occasional exposure to these threats can be overcome by a more persistent form of nurturing because children are extremely forgiving. More than anything, they love unconditionally, until they can no longer trust their environment.

All children are born perfect; it’s their environment that robs them of their perfection.