Fear of Flying

On one flight from El Paso to Alamagordo, New Mexico I was on a eight place twin engine plane sitting next to a pilot who was taking a flight home. We had to fly through a lightning and thunder storm and the turbulence was unnerving to say the least. This kind man held my hand and talked calmly to me until we landed. He suggested that I look into getting my pilot’s license to get over my fear of flying. It sounded like a practical solution, so I signed up for ground school as soon as I got back home. I got my pilot’s license and learned to love to fly; it was empowering and a major confidence booster.


I made up all kinds of excuses as to why I couldn’t go out with him even though he was extremely charming. Somewhere, somehow, my radar kicked in and I knew I would be in for something that was out of the ordinary. I didn’t like change and I would fight with all my might to avoid having to experience adapting my safe and secure lifestyle.

Well, that lasted about three months and when the last excuse I could come up with, “I couldn’t date anyone who drove a Cadillac” inspired him to ask my boss what my favorite car was, he showed up in a new Jaguar!