Eliminate Negative Emotion

Some of my clients have eliminated the dysfunctional emotions and as a result they have:

  • Landed the job that is perfect for them
  • Shed extra pounds by shedding why they are hanging on to the weight
  • Increased Self Esteem
  • Stopped grieving relationships they’ve lost
  • Stopped letting poor childhood experiences from holding them back
  • Forgiven their parents for their dysfunctional upbringing
  • Increased their income drastically in one year
  • Overcome the fear of speaking
  • Eliminated many phobias
  • Eliminated Abandonment issues

Welcome to My Blog!

This blog is dedicated to those who have been exposed to emotional challenges and have a desire to shed the effects. Most have no clue. The try varies therapies, drinking and even drugs to alleviate the ill effects of emotional dysfunction. The worse case is when the ignore it. Eventually it becomes impossible to tip toe around and they end up with an emotional eruption.

If it hadn’t been for being forced into discovering how to survive five times when doctors told me I had less than six months to live, I’m not sure I would have ever been exposed to these phenomenal concepts.