Resurfacing Accidents

We had gone to Oakland to meet up with a woman who we met the week before at the Women’s Expo in San Francisco. What was unusual about this meeting was how we met. I was standing in the middle of the pavilion among about a thousand other attendees and she walked right up to me and said “You’re why I came today!”

I looked at her and smiled and she said she had intended to attend on Saturday, but she had been guided to wait until Sunday. The fact that she walked right up to me was what was so unusual. Somehow she had a feeling she needed to meet me.


A few years ago I was talking to a client who had become a fairly good friend when he told me about his upbringing. His father and brother were a part of a well known rock and roll band and his mother was somewhat of a groupie.

By the time he was 7 years old he was left to his own devices backstage during rehearsals and performances. He ate alone, played alone and rarely had interaction with other children even though he had two other brothers who were not much different in age of him.