Challenges in New York

I met Diane at the NextGen Charity event in New York this week and at the after party we started talking about negative emotional disorders. She has been accumulating reparative techniques for more than 20 years.

She said she was very curious about the process and wanted to know more. We set up a time later on Friday and she came over to the hotel after the event was finished.

I told her the basics of how the system works then asked her to work with Ruby who was with us. She took to it very quickly. It is rare that someone understands the process and can use the process that quickly. In fact I have never been able to  train anyone that quickly.

Emotional Challenges

I was in Los Angeles at the Braveheart event and met Kali who is from Australia. We started talking about how we could produce a women’s empowerment day to help her launch her new book.

We started talking about the event and I noticed a particular reaction she had every time we talked about the event being successful. She would look down to her left and not look at me. I asked her if we could work together and she agreed.