Case in Point – Part II

She had not told me she had a son and she had not shown any particular signs she was emotionally distracted.

But somehow, I knew she needed to know she was doing a good job as a mother despite the surface evidence her son was going through some challenging times.

Debbie confirmed her son was using drugs and she was terrified. She had tried rehabilitation programs but as soon as he was released from the program he went right back to the same friends and picked up his habit again.

I showed her how to do the Intuitive Awareness finger exercise and performed Applied Kinesiology muscle testing to confirm my intuitive beliefs. Her emotional response level was an eight and we worked through three rounds of the process before we got it down to a one. Debbie’s face took on a pinkish hue as so many do when their emotions are that highly invested in a situation and then they release the emotions. They will often also get overly warm through the process. This is simply releasing the emotional negativity which has been stored.

Next we worked on the logical component and she indicated it was a three. It was surprisingly low which told me she knew she wasn’t to blame, but emotionally she felt she should have been able to prevent her son’s drug use.

It only took one round to diminish the logical aspect to a zero. She was very quick to adapt to shedding the logical responsibility.

Case in Point

I was at an event and noticed one of the women who was seated a couple of chairs away from me didn’t participate in our conversations with the same enthusiasm as the rest of us. The majority of us had just me, so we were all a bunch of chatter boxes.

When the rest of the women got up to clean up the area I asked if she would stay behind to let me show her my NESTing process.

She readily agreed and I gave her a quick explanation of what I was going to do.

I told her that some parents are the vehicle for their children to work through difficult lessons. I said I wanted her to understand she was providing her son a safe place to learn those lessons and it was in no way a reflection on her as to how those lessons unfolded. He needed her to continue to let him find his own way.

Much to my dismay, she began to cry. I was nervous, more because I had only met her an hour before and she had no idea who I was or I was offering her this information as a healing process.